For more than 70 years and 4 generations of dedicated individuals and entrepreneurs, Expanded Vision Group Corp. has offered the most advanced technology in the fields of fully integrated scientific Clinical Iridology and Microbiology machinery, first-of-its-kind technologies whose input within the world of health have beyond impacted and enhanced the practice of many health professionals worldwide.
Yet, further than this, EV Group extends its frontline innovation into the continuous development of client-centric comprehensive software, the sophisticated production of medical-grade nutraceutical products, and the progressive education of the most pertinent tendencies, patterns and philosophies encountered, discovered, understood and explained through the perception and utilization of Expanded Vision’s Systems: never compromising and always ensuring the necessary strict alignment and procedural conformity to the scientific method’s fundaments and doctrines- an elementary though absolutely paramount characteristic present throughout every aspect of EV Group’s contemplation and execution.
All of the aforementioned has been specifically and exclusively enabled for the focused and fervent purpose of confirming EV Group’s commitment to each and every one of our clients’ professional advancement and achievement- to solidify the certainty of our enduring support to your practice, so that your consequential triumph and success describes the result of intelligent collaboration.V
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